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Innovative Flooring Unveiled At 133rd Canton Fair | DECNO

03. 13, 2023

DECNO GROUP LTD will be on at the 133rd Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China on April 15, 2023. We sincerely hope that you will come to the DECNO booth ( Hall 9.3, Stand B43-B44 ). If you cannot be there, we have prepared the wonderful live streaming. Online and offline integration.

The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) is the pinnacle of international trade events, boasting an impressive history and staggering scale. More than 25000 exhibitors come from all over the world to attend this big fair that has been going on since 1957! DECNO, as an old friend of the Canton Fair, will once again bring innovative floor and wall covering products, materials, designs, and technologies...

Water-resistant Laminate Flooring

4 revolutionary technologies, raising the standard of water resistance laminate to a new level!

1. Water-Resistant Ultra-Core: High-density ultra-core, super stable and durable, moisture-resistant and not easy to mold, giving strong support to the floor.

2. Watertight Click: Tight installation system, densely connected to the floor, prevents water from seeping in through the gap.

3. Waxed Coating: Cooperating with the watertight joints, they work together to resist water, so that the side of the floor can be double protected.

4. Hydrophobic Surface: Strong hydrophobicity, allowing water on the floor surface to aggregate into beads without leakage.

 Innovative Flooring Unveiled At 133rd Canton Fair | DENCO

Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

Next generation wood-hybrid flooring. It is not a vinyl product, but rather a multilayer product in the wood category. The beauty of real hardwood married with the performance of mineral core technology. This technological breakthrough yields rock-solid wood flooring with exceptional waterproof. And it can be attached with noise reduction, moisture-proof, soft IXPE underlay.

Innovative Flooring Unveiled At 133rd Canton Fair | DENCO 

SPC Wall Panel

It has the click system for fast installation as SPC floors, and can be up to 2800mm in length. It only takes a few hours to install in a house. Marble grain, wood grain, Morandi color and more designs can be provided. With DECNO engraving technology, you can get the unique texture you want on your wall panel. Ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, but also for oiled areas such as restaurant kitchens.

 Innovative Flooring Unveiled At 133rd Canton Fair | DENCO

New SPC Flooring / Tile

EIR SPC Flooring/ Herringbone SPC/ Stone Effect SPC Tile... A portfolio of high-quality SPC products that cover the market. Whatever your customers need, there's DECNO for that. DECNO has made a new upgrade to the production process of SPC flooring, presenting it perfectly with popular designs. Manufacture the best flooring for brands.

Innovative Flooring Unveiled At 133rd Canton Fair | DENCO

Focusing on floor manufacturing for 26 years, DECNO will continue to improve product performance and design through innovation in the future, and unreservedly promote the development of the floor manufacturing industry. The 133rd Canton Fair, DECNO is waiting for you here.

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