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Best SPC Flooring

12. 16, 2020

Technology Development and Innovations of SPC Flooring.

1.SPC Flooring Decor Film
 More Patterns: with the development of aesthetic diversity and individuality, different brands pursuit innovation in decoration. They develop various grains, patterns and colors to satisfied customers’ different needs. Thus, SPC Flooring is varied from patterns to colors. SPC flooring is not only suitable for floor installation, but also for wall or home decoration. 
 More realistic: some flooring companies also develop new products combined the advantages of SPC flooring and the beauty of real wood floors. Real-wood like grains and marbleized patterns are very popular. SPC flooring’s real-wood like grains and texture, as well as the marbleized and ceramic patterns, and the advantages of waterproof, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-slip, give customers and designers more choices.
Customized: the patterns of SPC flooring can be different and personalized due to digital printing technology. Besides, digital printing technology can be applied to wall planks. SPC flooring is bound to imitate different textures and patterns with the improvement of printing technology.

Best SPC Flooring

2.SPC Flooring Features
 Anti-scratch: SPC flooring is waterproof, flame retardant, environment-friendly, formaldehyde-free and durable. However, the performance of anti-scratch is not as good as laminate flooring and tiles. Depending on different customer’s needs, SPC flooring industry is making breakthroughs and innovations constantly. Currently, SPC flooring is mainly used in apartments, hotels or restaurants. According to the needs of different areas, DECNO company develops MSPC flooring which possesses the wear-resistance of laminate flooring and the advantages of SPC flooring. It is more anti-scratch and wear-resistance than the traditional SPC flooring. DECNO flooring is optimizing and upgrading its products. And their new flooring is anti-slip, unafraid of moisture environment such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Lighter: SPC flooring is developing toward all-rounder. But it still needs to overcome the disadvantage--high density and heavy which is inconvenient to transport. Making it lighter and easier to transport will be the new consideration and innovation.

Best SPC Flooring

3.SPC Flooring Installation
It is a long way to go before SPC flooring replace tiles. Firstly, the installation needs to be improved, especially in the bathroom, kitchen or balcony. It needs more considerations and upgrades on how to pave and how to put on walls. 
Best SPC Flooring

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